Current Relaxation Special

Up to 40 minutes - $35. plus tax

During this time when there seems to be so much chaos in the world, take time out to relax, re-focus and re-center. Gift Yourself  with a deeply calming and renewing hypnotic session. You will learn valuable relaxation techniques that you may continue to relax with and use in the future.


This beautifully calming, centering experience is available via Zoom or phone in the comfort of your own home. We will begin with a brief interview, followed by relaxation techniques and guided imagery. We will complete the session with questions and comments if you have any. Please allow yourself an easy rest of your day for continued best results.

For doing a session by phone, using earbuds or a headset will work best to help you concentrate, but are not absolutely necessary. You will need to choose a location where you can lie in a comfortable position with your eyes closed and where you will be undisturbed for at least 40 minutes. We may want to have one brief phone call beforehand to check that there is a steady phone connection from the spot where you will have the session. Please contact me for a convenient day & time.

I am available for scheduling most days 10am - 8pm Eastern TIme.